The Founding Charter and Statement of Principles of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

By Kevin Annett

Adopted on October 31, 2012 and ratified by the Directorate

The ITCCS was founded with a twofold purpose: to unite across borders all those who have been harmed by church and state, and to stop the crimes of these institutions, especially those inflicted on children, human liberties, and planet Earth.

The ITCCS arose from among the survivors of these crimes with the understanding gained from bitter experience that a new international ethos and legal system is required to confront and extirpate crimes committed by institutions of church and state, especially those historically immune from prosecution, like the Church of Rome.

It is the foundational aim of the ITCCS and its affiliates to deal fundamentally with such institutions and their inherent criminality by not only bringing to public trial their chief officers but by permanently disestablishing these institutions and their murderous paradigms.

Such a monumental task spans generations and commands the utmost commitment, discipline and courage from those who seek to end forever the reign of terror against our children, our liberties, and our world. And it also requires an organized and consistent assault on such institutionalized evil at every level: political, economic, spiritual, and personal.

Towards that end, the ITCCS and its Directorate have established this solemn Charter and Agreement to unite all people of conscience into an active force for the protection and betterment of our peoples and our future generations.

We pledge to do so according to the following aims and purposes:

1. To unite and fortify across borders all survivors of abuse, torture and other crimes by church and state on a non-sectarian basis, for their mutual support, edification and advancement.

2. To professionally document and publicize the crimes inflicted on them, on all children, on any human liberties, and on creation, whether in the past or present.

3. To use this evidence as the basis for common law court actions aimed at prosecuting and sentencing those persons and institutions responsible.

4. To actively disestablish and annul the power and authority of these criminal persons and institutions in order to end forever such crimes against humanity and creation.

We offer this Charter and Purpose to the people of the Earth as a banner around which they can seek and establish real and lasting justice, at their own hands.

Ratified by The Directorate on 31 October, 2012
in Brussels