Video Evidence

By Kevin Annett

Video Evidence

A. The Crime of Genocide in Canada – and the ITCCS

“Unrepentant: Canada’s Genocide” (award-winning documentary, 2007):

2. The International Common Law Court of Justice trial into Genocide in Canada (July 15, 2012 to February 25, 2013, Brussels)

Preview of Evidence from the International Common Law Court of Justice:

Proceedings of the ICLCJ Trial, Part 1:

Proceedings of the ICLCJ trial, Part 2:

ICLCJ Trial, Part 3: Verdict and Sentence of the Court:

ICLCJ Arrest Order issued:

The Murder of ICLCJ eyewitness William Combes:

Medical Genocide – The Nanaimo Indian Hospital:

3. Physical Proof: The Excavation of Mass Graves of children at the Anglican Mohawk Indian residential school, October-November, 2011

a) The excavation and bones:

b) Corroborating testimonies:

(Del Riley, survivor)

(Lorna McNaughton and others)

c) Media reports and Commentary on the Mush Hole evidence:

(That Channel TV, November 29, 2011, Toronto)

(That Channel follow up)

(Mush Hole commentary)

4. The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

Canada charged with Crimes against Humanity, Ottawa:

ITCCS Toronto:

Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared:

5. Exposure of the church-state coverup, the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC)

a) Eyewitnesses Shawna Green and Sylvester Green:

b) Joshua Lemmens and Kevin Annett at a TRC event, Vancouver:

c) The Coverup, Live from the University of British Columbia:

B. Vatican Crimes

1. The first stage of the Exorcism of the Vatican, Rome, October 11, 2009:

The second stage of the same Exorcism, Rome, April 10, 2010:

The third and final stage and the Abolition of the Papacy, Maastricht, Holland, Easter, April 20, 2014:

2. Eyewitnesses to the Satanic-Catholic Ninth Circle sacrificial cult

Toos Neijenhuis:

Anne Marie van Blijenburgh:

C. Kevin Annett: Background

1. Who is Kevin Annett? A Personal Interview with Steve Shellen, June 2013:

2. Exclusive interview of Kevin Annett with Colia Clark, MNN TV, New York City, March 31, 2016:

3. Dr. Jennifer Wade, Eyewitness to the illegal defrocking and expulsion of Rev. Kevin Annett from the United Church of Canada:

4. Endorsements of Kevin Annett by indigenous elders and activists:

5. Commentary by Kevin Annett on Whistleblowing: