A List of the “Dirty Thirty”: The Convicted War Criminals of Kanata

By Kevin Annett

Originally Posted April 6, 2015

Name, Position, Last Known Location: 

1. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Ottawa 

2. Joseph Ratzinger, former “pope”, Rome 

3. Elizabeth Windsor, “queen of england”, London, England 

4. Pedro Lopez Quintana, Vatican Nuncio to Canada, Ottawa 

5. Fred Hiltz, Primate, Anglican Church in Canada Toronto 

6. Bob Bennett, Anglican Bishop, Huron Diocese, London, Ontario 

7. Nora Sanders, General Secretary, United Church of Canada, Etobicoke, Ontario 

8. Murray Sinclair, Chairman, “truth and reconciliation commission” Winnipeg 

9. John Milloy, Officer, “truth and reconciliation commission” , Peterborough, Ontario 

10. Gary Paterson, Moderator, United Church of Canada (UCC), Etobicoke 

11. Jon Jessiman, Lawyer, United Church of Canada, Delta, B.C. 

12. Marion Best, Former Moderator, UCC, Toronto 

13. Brian Thorpe, Official, UCC, Etobicoke 

14. Bill Howie, Official, UCC , Victoria 

15. Art Anderson, Official, UCC , Vancouver 

16. Foster Freed, UCC clergy, Parksville, BC 

17. Phil Spencer, UCC clergy, Qualicum Beach, BC 

18. John Cashore, Former B.C. government minister, Coquitlam, BC 

19. Peter Montague, RCMP Inspector, Vancouver 

20. Robert Paulson, Former RCMP Superintendent, Ottawa 

21. Terry Whyte, Former UCC clergy, Port Alberni 

22. Ron Huinink, Lawyer, Vancouver 

23. Daniel Fulton, Former CEO, Weyerhauser Ltd., Seattle 

24. Sean Atleo, Former Chief, Assembly of First Nations, Ottawa 

25. Bill Montour, CEO, Six Nations Confederacy, Brantford, Ontario 

26. Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, Superior General, Jesuit Order, Rome 

27. Tarcisio Bertone, Cardinal, Rome 

28. Angelo Sodano, Cardinal, Rome 

29. Angela Bognasco, Cardinal, Genoa 

30. Rowan Williams, Former Archbishop of Canterbury, London, England

ref: www.itccs.org , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ormOIlOi4Vc