Missing People, Catholic secrets, Chinese Genocide: A Special Mid-Year Update

By Kevin Annett

Originally Posted on July 1, 2016 by Kevin

July 1  Republic of Kanata Day

In this report:

1. Breaking News :

–      Independent Missing People Inquiry uncovers startling new evidence – Common Law Court to be convened in Vancouver

–      Counter-Report to Canada’s Genocide cover-up is officially censored –Murder by Decree is proscribed by west coast libraries after governmental pressure

–      “Secret archive” of Catholic church crimes uncovered by Pennsylvania Grand Jury

–      An Admission of Guilt? Quebec Catholic Arch-Bishop under suspicion of Ninth Circle complicity bans priests from being alone with children

 2. Radio Free Kanata Returns! Our weekly broadcasts resume on Sunday September 4

 3. Common Law Republic and its courts spread  Reclamations planned for the fall as speaking and organizing tours commence across North America and Europe