Breaking News and Media Advisory, February 24: Pope Francis is stripped of authority as Ninth Circle ceremony is suspended

By Kevin Annett

Breaking News and Media Advisory, February 24: Pope Francis is stripped of authority as Ninth Circle ceremony is suspended

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Breaking News Communique and Public Advisory
issued by The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 2200 hrs. GMT

Behind a media smokescreen, Pope Francis is stripped of authority by a trio of top Cardinals –

Scheduled Ninth Circle cult ceremony is suspended following diplomatic and public protests

Rome:If you believe the official media accounts, “Pope Francis” spent the last several days in Rome conferring with a group of Cardinals and then all of his Bishops about child abuse in the Catholic Church. In truth, the event was a cover story designed to camouflage a palace coup at the Vatican.

Operating behind the smokescreen of the widely-publicized conference, three senior Cardinals assumed the reins of power from Francis last Friday February 22 in a repetition of the fate of his predecessor, “Pope Benedict”, who was forced to resign from his office on February 11, 2013. As with Benedict, Francis was deposed just prior to the regular February 23-24 conclave of the elite Ninth Circle sacrificial cult at the San Lorenzo Piscibus church, just a block from Vatican City. But unlike six years ago, the Ninth Circle never held its grisly ceremony this past weekend, thanks to a diplomatic protest and a crowd of angry demonstrators.

According to a confidential and high level source within the Roman Curia, the removal of Pope Francis occurred last Friday morning when the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, met with Francis in the presence of two other senior Cardinals: Marc Ouellet of Canada and Gerhard Mueller of Germany. All three men are actively associated with the Ninth Circle. On behalf of the Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Ouellet informed Francis that he had lost the confidence of both the Bishops and the College of Cardinals. Secretary of State Parolin followed by stating that henceforth he, Ouellet and Mueller would operate as interim co-adjudators of the Holy See and the Papacy, thereby removing Francis from office. To avoid adding to the crisis within their church, Francis’ removal would be kept secret from the public and he would remain as a figurehead but would exercise no authority.

In both cases, Popes Benedict and Francis ran afoul of the Ninth Circle and its influential backers because of how their overt association with the cult’s ceremonies had brought too much attention to it. Benedict presided openly at the Circle’s sacrificial rituals both as a Cardinal and as the pope, according to Ninth Circle eyewitnesses Toos Neijenhuis and Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. Francis not only attended the rituals and provided children for them while he was an Archbishop in Argentina, but is intimately connected to members of the Dutch Royal family involved in the Ninth Circle, including Queen Maxime Zorriega, with whom Francis has maintained a clandestine romance for nearly twenty years. Sources state that evidence of this romance was presented to Cardinal Parolin’s office by a diplomatic courier last Monday and prompted the showdown with Francis and his removal.

Despite this pre-emptive strike against Francis, yesterday’s scheduled Ninth Circle ceremony was disrupted. The same day as Francis’ removal, on Friday the 22nd, a European government – possibly the same state that sent the courier with evidence of the pope’s involvement with Maxime Zorriega – issued a diplomatic note of concern to Cardinal Parolin’s office regarding the impending Ninth Circle sacrificial ceremony, where normally several children are ritually killed and cannibalized. That government also contacted Interpol and the Italian government with its concern and asked that police intervene to investigate and halt the ceremony.

In addition, last night, and thanks to the extensive reporting of these events by alternative media and the ITCCS, more than two dozen people converged on the San Lorenzo Piscibus church where the ceremony was to occur and attempted to enter the building. This group included a special team of ITCCS Sheriffs who had previously disrupted Ninth Circle covens in Zwolle Holland and Montreal Canada. A small riot began at the church and the State police were called. No-one was arrested but policemen entered the church. It was later reported by a source in the police, the Polizia di Stato, that the ceremony had not occurred and that five individuals within the church, as well as two small children, had been detained by their officers. However, the Polizia and the Vatican both refuse to confirm or deny these incidents.

The ITCCS team leader and other witnesses have filed statements about the incidents with the Tribunal. These statements will be made public as part of upcoming news updates.

The fact that two successive popes have been suddenly forced from their offices just prior to the Ninth Circle February coven, after both popes had been publicly charged and convicted in common law court cases for Crimes against Humanity, should cause even the most doubtful observer to glimpse the depth of the institutional rot in the Vatican.

Regardless of who holds formal power in the Church of Rome, it remains a convicted transnational criminal organization actively engaged in child trafficking, torture and murder. Under international law and the law of God, the Vatican has lost all authority and legitimacy, its assets and properties are liable for seizure, and its head officers are subject to immediate arrest under standing common law arrest warrants.

In the weeks ahead, our Sheriffs will be working with governments and police agencies to detain and bring to civil trial any Catholic official or clergyman, or their accomplices, who are engaged in the harming of children, or of protecting those who do. Our campaign will include a series of major direct actions during Easter week from April 14-21. We call upon the people of the world to join this campaign by boycotting the Roman Catholic church, denying it all funding, and demanding that their governments stop aiding and abetting church crime by canceling all tax exemptions and privileges enjoyed by that church.

Join us now to save the lives of innocent children and stop forever the oldest criminal conspiracy in human history.

This Communique will be broadcast on you tube this week. Further news updates and action plans will be broadcast every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT on Here We Stand, .

Issued by the Central Office of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
24 February, 2019 or

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