Now is Our Time: An Appeal from Kevin Annett and the rising Republic of Kanata

By Kevin Annett

Now is Our Time: An Appeal from Kevin Annett and the rising Republic of Kanata

August 4, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Nearly two centuries ago, a poor Canadian farmer took up his rifle and left his family in southern Ontario to join the fight to overthrow the British Crown. His name was Philip Annett and he was my great-great-great Grandfather.

Philip survived that struggle even though the free Republic in Canada that he and others fought for did not. But the heart and spirit of a good man and a true nation does not die. It continues to dwell among us and seek out new lives in which to incarnate, so that the dream may finally be achieved.

My name is Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice, and I am running in the upcoming Canadian election to help achieve that purpose of a democratic Republic in Canada. I am campaigning under the banner and the program of the Republican Party of Kanata to carry on the struggle for freedom of my ancestor Philip Annett and of so many others.

Our aim is a simple one: to establish for the first time a truly independent and sovereign nation in Canada that is shared and governed equally by all the people. We want an end to all ties with the corrupt and criminal Crown of England and with all predatory foreign powers. We want and are creating a grassroots democracy where the law, government and the land itself is in the hands of the people and not unaccountable corporate elites. 

A majority of the Canadian people support our aim of a sovereign Republic. But we need the active support of you the people to grow as a movement and a new nation. The Republic and our future will rise or lie dormant depending on what you do in the days to come. This is an appeal and summons for you to take the first step in reclaiming our nation.

We are an entirely people-fueled movement, which keeps us honest but makes us rely completely on your active involvement in spreading the vision and building our nation. You can begin your involvement by pledging a one time or a regular financial donation to our campaign. How to do so can be found at the end of this message.

So far we have three candidates running on our party’s program, in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. I am running in North Winnipeg, the home of my maternal Scottish and Metis ancestors. But I am campaigning across Canada. I need to immediately raise $10,000 to pay for my travel and  campaigning expenses, and for our collective effort to convene local Peoples’ Assemblies that are the basis of our new Republic.

Here’s the point: We are not seeking votes but are using the election as a platform to create a new society in the shell of the old. So when you fund our movement you’re not helping a politician win a cozy seat in Parliament but rather, you are taking back your nation and building a future for all of us.

You can view the posting here on murderbydecree to find out the specific jobs you can do in our campaign and beyond it, to build our new Republic:

Please see here: raising-up-a-new-nation-a-personal-message-from-kevin-annett-to-the-peoples-of-Canada

Don’t let the criminals win again. Take a stand now by funding and supporting our movement. Do it today.

With my thanks, Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

To make donations to Kevin Annett’s campaign, and to the Republican Party of Kanata and the new Republic:

  1. Donate through Paypal via the email .
  2. Send a cheque made out to William Annett to 1000 Walker St, Unit 223, Holly Hill, Florida USA 32117.
  3. Make a direct bank wire transfer donation; contact Kevin at to obtain the details.
  4. Donate directly to Kevin when you hold an event or a meeting for him in your community.

See the Republic of Kanata Twitter account here:

Contact the Republic at and see (“ITCCS Updates”)

Endorsements of Kevin Annett and the Republican Party of Kanata

From Colia Clark, Civil Rights Veteran and former Candidate for the Green Party of New York:

There is a revolution beginning in Canada that needs our support: A move away from the English Crown to a healthy democratic Nation State. This movement is being led by the courageous man who brought to the attention of the world community the deadly violence against Indigenous Population being carried out by the Canadian government in partnership with Catholic Church, Anglican Church and the United Church of Canada. Kevin’s tireless work over many years forced the Canadian Prime Minister to finally admit last June that his nation is guilty of genocide.

But this confession by Canada does not mean that the atrocities have ended. As in the USA, Indigenous Peoples continue to die and struggle for basic human rights and a path out of poverty. An end to British rule and control of the commanding heights of the Canadian economy is the proposed solution. We must offer our support. We who believe in Freedom will be the Underground Railroad in 2019!

From Leo Tremblay, Eighth Generation Metis Nation, Winnipeg:

Kevin Annett launched a great movement twenty years ago that’s still growing. He forced Canada and its churches to admit their crime of genocide and he got Pope Benedict to resign. He’s made every Canadian rethink themselves and their nation. Kevin’s the kind of honest and brave man who I would trust my life with. He’s proven by walking the walk that he can’t be bought and that he gets results. He’s always been there for me and he’ll be there for every Canadian. 

From Katie Stoqua, Algonquin Indigenous Nation and a Signatory to the original Proclamation of the Republic of Kanata:

I’ve known Kevin for many years. He is a man of great integrity and moral character who has always been a champion of the oppressed and defender of the weak. I’ll be actively campaigning beside him to make our country a free Republic and a safe place for children by stopping the criminals in power.

Listen to Kevin live every Sunday at 6 pm eastern at . See the evidence of genocide in Canada and globally at