Justin Trudeau and the Vanishing Murder Weapon, Act Two: Tragedy becomes Farce in Canada’s Classrooms

By Kevin Annett

Justin Trudeau and the Vanishing Murder Weapon, Act Two: Tragedy becomes Farce in Canada’s Classrooms

June 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0

By Kevin D. Annett

Bone identified as that of a young girl, from a mass grave at the Anglican Mohawk Indian residential school, Brantford, Ontario, October 2011
The Vanishing Murder Weapon: The Cover up of Genocide continues in Canada’s Classrooms

Like any country caught in genocide but with a particularly odious self-exculpation, Canada has consistently buried the truth of its crime, constructed a false narrative of its past, and silenced witnesses and survivors of its murderous Indian residential school system. Its churches have been no less duplicitous and bear the same criminal responsibility for the planned killing of tens of thousands of children … For Canada to teach a false version of its domestic war crimes to its next generation of citizens is to ensure that the crime will continue.

– Judge Baltasar Garzon, chief judicial advisor to The International Common Law Court of Justice, quoted in the final verdict of the Court in its prosecution of Canada, the Vatican and the British Crown for Crimes against Humanity, February 25, 2013

Whoever controls the past controls the future. Whoever controls the present controls the past.                                                             – George Orwell

With as much coincidence and subtlety as a serial killer buying a shovel, what passes for the government announced this week that a “history” of the Indian residential schools will finally be included in the curriculum of Canadian high schools. After decades of fudging, cover-up, document-shredding, and media censorship, an officially varnished version of our homegrown genocide by Church and State will fog another generation of unsuspecting students.

Last week, before the story hit the press, one of my sources slipped details of the plan to me. I almost gagged when I read it. Search as you will, you will not find a single mention of the documented medical experiments, sterilizations, or ritual killings of children in the “residential schools curriculum guide” being farmed out to teachers. Nor is the average fifty percent death rate in the “schools” referred to in the guide, even though it was first mentioned on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen on November 15, 1907. Instead, educators are being fed the usual tripe and tepid descriptions of children being “misplaced” from their homes and native culture not being “appreciated”. That’s like claiming that the problem with Auschwitz and Treblinka was that the Nazis weren’t sensitive enough to the inmates and so consequently “abused” them.

Well, what else is new, Kev? I can hear you thinking. This is the land of Justin T., the pretend leader who admits to genocide and then evades any responsibility for it. The same criminal hypocrisy was embodied in Canada’s expensive and misnamed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) – established by the guilty churches and government themselves – that actually prohibited the recording of any statement or evidence related to the death or killing of a residential school student. The entire TRC was an enormous obstruction of justice, causing the memory of over sixty thousand children to be as effectively wiped out as were their lives. And so it continues again, this past week, here in the Great White North.

Of all people, I am the one who is least surprised by this latest fiasco. For I’ve witnessed the same official whitewash as early as June of 1998, when the documented proof of murder, torture and mass graves that we made public at Canada’s first and only open Tribunal into residential schools was uniformly censored by the national media. Or later, in the fall of 2011, when not one press outlet reported our historic, first opening of a mass grave of children at Canada’s oldest residential school in Brantford, Ontario.

No, it wasn’t surprise as much as “ah-ha!” that struck me when I read of the planned curriculum whitewash, occurring as it has amid our unfolding police state. For the truth of the atrocities committed by Canadians in residential schools and their partner Indian hospitals illuminates the plans and the methods of the present global elites to turn humanity into a mindless and monitored herd of slaves.

Indians have always been Canada’s first test subjects. Mandatory vaccinations are nothing new to any reservation Indian or residential school survivor. But the specific techniques of mass mind control and social engineering now being deployed against all of us were pioneered and perfected in the Canadian death camps whose details nobody wants to talk about. And that fact is not something that the corporate criminals who engineered the Canadian Holocaust want to see surfaced: especially nowadays, when all the managed sheeple are to be kept quarantined and distanced.

In truth, Canadians have ignored and buried the truth of the Indian residential school holocaust to our own peril. We are all reaping the tyranny bred of our complicity in crime and coverup. And now the same mental Night and Fog that has birthed our current police state will continue to shroud our children in their Orwellian, 5G-dominated school system, as they are taught that genocide in Canada was not really genocide at all.

We do not have to take any of this crap lying down, of course. I know I’m not. In 2012 and 2014 I nearly succeeded in having teachers’ unions and school boards include the evidence of genocide in high school curricula in Vancouver and Toronto, but on both occasions the effort was scuttled from on high. Many teachers are crying out for such authentic teaching material. It is to them individually that we must provide the uncensored voices and evidence of the Canadian Holocaust that is recorded for posterity at www.murderbydecree.com .

During the upcoming fall months, whether schools and campuses reopen or not, our movement will be bringing out the truth more widely through public teach-ins, workshops, and broadcasts on the real story of genocide in Canada. Now that free thought and assembly are being eradicated, we need to reopen the minds and classrooms of our nation through a Free University that teaches our true history. How else can we begin to overcome our blood-soaked past and present except by teaching our children the unvarnished truth of the land they occupy at other peoples’ expense?

I have learned personally how difficult a thing it is to take on your own culture and its powerful, entrenched lies. To do so costs us everything and leaves us an exile in our own land, even while our example brings hope and life to those who have none. Malcolm X once said that the only white man he ever trusted was the abolitionist John Brown, because he took up arms against his own people and died for those who were in bondage.

John Brown’s self-sacrifice sparked the civil war that ended slavery in America. We are today kindling a similar fire in Canada because we know from the truth of our home-grown genocide that we can no longer live under a regime with the blood of so many children on its hands. The same public health agencies that sterilized and murdered countless Indian kids are now ordering Canadian parents to have their children vaccinated. How much longer will we suffer these butchers and allow them to brainwash and kill our children?

In the words of a resistance leader in Nazi Germany, Lore Wolf,

“My first defiance of the Nazis came when I withdrew my daughter Hanne from school after they made her and her classmates recite a pledge of loyalty to Hitler and read his filthy propaganda. After that, my life changed and there was nothing for me to do but fight the system because I had drawn a line and claimed my child back from the State. I knew that we had no hope as a people and no right to claim a future for ourselves if we cooperated in any way with a vile dictatorship. And the more I resisted it, the more I learned the truth about the society that I thought I knew.”

Our own dictatorship is upon us. We must reclaim the minds of our children from the lies being foisted on them by those who are concealing the crimes of our past to allow those crimes to continue. And so we must act. But if not now, when? And if not you, then who?

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