The Lie Runs Deeper than we Know: Acceptable Dissent versus Night and Fog in Canada

By Kevin Annett

The Lie Runs Deeper than we Know: Acceptable Dissent versus Night and Fog in Canada

July 8, 2020 Uncategorized 0

by Kevin D. Annett

A few thousand people showed up on Parliament Hill last week to give their support to a guy named Norman Traversy. Norm is suing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a Canadian court, charging him with “obstructing justice and taking bribes”. I guess nobody told Norm that Canadian courts aren’t actually courts, but military-style tribunals outside the Rule of Law; and that they are restrained from and incapable of charging any Crown official with anything.  

I’ve never met Norm Traversy. I’ve just heard about him – a lot. He’s the flavor of the month in Canadian “activist” circles these days, even though his attempted private information lawsuit against Trudeau is nothing new, unbeknownst to the present Three Second Memory Generation. 

Here in the Great White North, public dissenters have to taste pleasant and not bitter before they can be embraced and championed by the crowd. And Norm is certainly playing to Canadians’ cautious, tepid and politically myopic nature. For he’s not speaking about Trudeau’s most serious crimes, including treason and homicide: specifically, his personal complicity in the murder of indigenous families on the west coast in league with Chinese death squads, and his allowing China to station its troops on Canadian soil. Justin has even publicly admitted that Canada is guilty of genocide. If international law was actually upheld, Trudeau’s admission and his open treason on behalf of a foreign power would be enough to lock him away for life.

Revealingly, none of that is entering into the efforts of Norm Travesty – sorry, I meant Traversy. He’s distracting from Trudeau’s real crimes by restricting the case against him to mere political corruption. And Norm is doing so like every other controlled dissident: on the terms of the status quo, within the carefully managed sandbox of the “Crown’s” Pretend Courts. So, at the end of the day, the result of Norm’s gesture will be a big fat Nothing, which of course is the game plan: to channel peoples’ outrage along managed routes on safe and containable issues, while expending their energies and efforts in the process. It happens routinely in our country, and it always works. It’s why the criminals are still in power. Do we really need another example?

In such a controlled system, it’s the norm (pun intended) that certain approved “dissenters” get instant play and attention, while others who try the same things from a more independent, threatening position are ignored and erased through what the Nazis called “Fog and Night”. The term referred to their method of making any political opponent disappear, not just from the public but from the public’s mind. 

Here’s a case in point: on two occasions since 2017, our Republican movement has brought legal cases against Justin Trudeau for Crimes against Humanity: not within the circus of Canadian pseudo-courts but in international courts of law and locally-convened Common Law Courts. Our efforts were completely ignored by Canadian “activists” and remain unknown to the very people who gathered so sincerely on Parliament Hill to cheer on The Norm. Why? Because the Acceptable Protestors are not permitted to know about genuine threats to the system. Their thoughts are directed instead on to the latest dead-end gesture by yet another here-today, gone-tomorrow Make Believe Dissident.

This is not sour grapes speaking. I’m sure Norm Traversy is a very nice guy; he’s a Canadian, after all. I’m speaking from the experience of having been kicked in the teeth by the system and by my own naivety too many times over the past quarter century. Some of us actually learn from our experiences and mature past the learned dependency of our childhood, that forces us to look to a Father Figure to win for us a quick and easy route to salvation. Many of us cling to our illusions because we seem to have a need for them and it’s easier to do so. But in the end, the same people end up controlling the same political outcome. Only the willfully stupid keep wondering why.

It’s a hard thing to think, let alone act, outside the box, since often we don’t even know what it is we occupy. The Official Lie runs deep in all of us, especially when it comes to what must be done to affect real political change.  But in times like these, when the vestige appearances of “democracy” have fallen away and tyranny stands exposed as a threat to each one of us, clinging to our illusions is nothing less than suicide.

Contrarily, to leave the dead to bury their dead and strike out to find and establish a new nation has become not just a nice idea but a practical necessity, in this madhouse known as the year 2020. We in the Republic of Kanata have declared our independence from the entire murderous mess called Canada and its odious gangsters like Trudeau. The Republic is actively reclaiming the nation with its own local Assemblies and Courts, creating political change and not asking for it. So why not join us? But be warned: the Official Lie and all its attending false comforts will then no longer have room in you to dwell. 

As one of our elders put it nearly two centuries ago, on the eve of his raising arms against the Crown in Canada,

“I have no patience for those who counsel accomodation to the gang of grasping wags who purport to run our public affairs. If we are ever to assume a mature place in the world, we must set aside all trappings of monarchical rule by decree and establish responsible government for all the people: not with well-hewn phrases or empty gestures, but with passion and right action to root out the source of our oppression.”

– William Lyon MacKenzie in The Advocate, York, Upper Canada, September 9, 1837