Jan. 19, 2022-Big Pharma CEO’s hunted by Sheriffs as protestors use Warrants to shut down ‘vaccinations’ worldwide:

By Kevin Annett

Jan. 19, 2022-Big Pharma CEO’s hunted by Sheriffs as protestors use Warrants to shut down ‘vaccinations’ worldwide:

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Big Pharma CEO’s hunted by Sheriffs as protestors use Warrants to shut down ‘vaccinations’ worldwide: A Breaking News Update from the International Common Law Court of Justice with additional Warrants to refuse the shot and stop those imposing them – and links to today and recent broadcasts



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London, New York, Brussels:

Protesters on three continents are shutting down COVID ‘vaccinations’ this week in the wake of the recent historic conviction of Big Pharma, government, and church leaders by an international Court. And convicted Pharma CEO’s are facing imminent arrest by Court Sheriffs in New York City and London.

On January 15, the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) convicted corporate, government, and church leaders of Crimes against Humanity and ordered the arrest of seventy five individuals.

http://murderbydecree.com/2022/01/14/breaking-news-from-the-international-common-law-court-of-justice-january-15-2022-gmt-big-pharma-government-church-leaders-face-arrest-as-court-convicts-them-of-genocide-prohibits-injections/ )

Last Monday and again today, ICLCJ Sheriffs armed with arrest warrants sought to detain the convicted felons Albert Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEO’s of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, at their homes in Scarsdale, New York, and Greenwich, England.

Both CEO’s became incommunicado last weekend when news of their conviction was widely reported.

Meanwhile, new waves of protesters are halting COVID ‘vaccinations’ with new ICLCJ Warrants that allow anyone to lawfully refuse the COVID shots without fear of reprisals, to confiscate the banned drug as a “product of genocide and mass murder”, and to prosecute anyone who imposes the COVID injections.(Copies of the Warrants are attached)

Yesterday, indigenous elders in Manitoba, Ontario and on Canada’s west coast occupied reservation band offices and confiscated and destroyed the COVID ‘vaccines’, after issuing copies of the ICLCJ Warrants to the tribal police and RCMP. The police did not intervene.

Since Monday, and in more than a dozen communities across North America, Italy and England, Warrant-bearing protesters have shut down ‘vaccination’ centers and stopped the delivery of COVID shots to clinics and hospitals.
“These Warrants turn the table on the tyrants, and make giving and taking the COVID shots a crime,” commented ICLCJ advisor Kevin Annett today.

“We call on everyone to use these Warrants to not only defend themselves but put an end to the COVID Corporatocracy. The police have been asked to assist us in making arrests, seizing the ‘vaccines’, and restoring the rule of common law and justice in our communities.”

The ICLCJ and its sponsoring common law Republics are organizing and educating people around the world to mobilize their communities to refuse the COVID ‘vaccines’, resist the COVID police state, and establish new sovereign nations.

Contact the ICLCJ at itccsoffice@protonmail.com , and tune in this and every Sunday for news of the resistance at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, and 11 pm GMT at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand .

Also, please download and use the attached Warrants and Informational Guide, and listen to Kevin Annett’s latest blog radio broadcast and global interview at the links below.

– Guide to attached Warrants:

a) Staples Scan ending in 4366: Original Court Judgement and Arrest/Seizure Warrants

b) Staples Scan ending in 2753: Warrant to Seize COVID ‘vaccines’ and Guide to Action c) Staples Scan ending in 4347: Warrant prohibiting COVID shot and protecting those who refuse

– ICLCJ blog update and commentary with Kevin Annett at https://www.bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-january-16-2022-0 .

– recent global interview with Kevin Annett and Owen Lucas at https://commonlawnews.com/2022/01/16/kevin-annett-international-common-law-courts-of-justice-injection-offensive-universal-arrest-warrant-reparations-for-genocide/

Issued January 19, 2022 by the International Common Law Court of Justice and its common law Republic affiliateswww.murderbydecree.com

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