A Public Warning from the International Common Law Court of Justice:

By Kevin Annett

A Public Warning from the International Common Law Court of Justice:

October 20, 2022 Uncategorized 0

A Public Warning from the International Common Law Court of Justice:

Avoid Mike Holt and the “commonlaw.earth” corporation

October 20, 2022

For several years, our court and its chief advisor, Kevin Annett, have worked with an Australian named Mike Holt. We did so in response to his request to help him bring our work to his country and create local common law courts and assemblies according to our model.

By his own admission, Holt’s subsequent work and successes were based on and due largely to our example and publications, especially Kevin Annett’s book “Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: A Common Law Training Manual”. (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1544239610)

We have recently learned that Mr. Holt is plagiarizing this Manual and our other publications without crediting their source and authorship. He is also actively defrauding the community by stealing other peoples’ work and claiming it as his creation, and charging exorbitant sums of money to people for his “services”.

Mr. Holt has engaged in the same deceit and criminality with a fellow Australian named Dick Yardley. According to Dick, Mr. Holt reissued his work on common law under a new title and had copies printed in China. These pirated versions were then sold by Mr. Holt for as much as fifty dollars each, even though Dick had offered his research free of charge.

We urge all people, especially common law activists, to avoid Mr. Holt and his privately registered company known as “commonlaw.earth”. Mike Holt is not only an unprincipled opportunist and a violator of peoples’ trust, but we believe a paid disruptor with possible links to China. He is a threat to our movement and to our future as free people.

For more information and to contact legitimate common law activists in Australia and our global Republic Alliance movement, please contact us at republicnationalcouncil@protonmail.com and listen every Sunday at 6 pm eastern time / Monday at 9 am Sydney time, at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand .

Issued October 20, 2022 by the Public Information Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice