Mass murder, coverup, and payoffs: Following the Big Money behind the Cree Nation massacre

By Kevin Annett

Mass murder, coverup, and payoffs: Following the Big Money behind the Cree Nation massacre

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Mass murder, coverup, and payoffs:

Following the Big Money behind the Cree Nation massacre

by Kevin Annett

Mass murder, coverup, and payoffs: Following the Big Money behind the Cree Nation massacre in Canada

The scenario is a familiar one: stage a conspicuous killing, kill the killers, and buy everyone’s silence. But why has it happened on an obscure Indian reservation in eastern Saskatchewan? And why are the Prime Minister, the Governor-General, and the Archbishop of Canterbury all implicated?

The answer can be found in two words: Rio Tinto – or more specifically, diamonds.

Canadians have become numb to the sight of guilty priests and politicians shedding crocodile tears for their aboriginal victims. But this recent, revealing spectacle is one for the books, even for Canada. For it involves the richest and most destructive mining company in the world and its exclusive ties with the British monarchy.

It all seemed to start last September 4, when ten members of the James Smith Cree Nation were found stabbed to death. One man was swiftly named by the police as the lone killer: Myles Sanderson, who was arrested by the RCMP on September 7. But then Myles conveniently died while in RCMP custody, and the other suspect, Myles’ brother and accomplice Damien, was found dead in a nearby field.

If this double death of both suspects wasn’t strange enough, a veil of official silence quickly descended on all the killings. Band members were muzzled, and a media blackout was imposed by the state-funded band councilors. And Saskatchewan’s chief coroner, Clive Weighill, announced on September 21 that the investigative jury would consist only of native people, even though such discriminatory jury-stacking is forbidden under the law.

This controlled setup was accompanied by the usual rhetorical condolences from the heads of Canadian church and state. But Governor-General Mary Simon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby then took an inordinate interest in this particular massacre of Indians. Simon personally visited the reservation, Welby ostentatiously prostrated himself on the ground, and Trudeau not only showed up at the reserve but promptly gifted the local band council $62.5 million.

Clearly, something else is going on besides the need for convicted co-conspirators in genocide to make themselves look good.

That “something else” is diamond mining, right in the Cree’s backyard.

Rio Tinto is the wealthiest and most destructive mining company in the world and is closely linked to China and the British monarchy. In 2018, Rio partnered with a Saskatchewan company called Star Diamond to begin digging up and desecrating the land on which the James Smith Cree Nation sits, and where over $3 billion in diamonds reside. The Cree quickly vowed to stop the mining operations, which sent shock waves of concern through not only the boardrooms of Rio Tinto.

One of that company’s most lucrative shareholders was the former “Queen of England”, Elizabeth Windsor. While in office, her personal wealth increased fifty-fold to over seventeen billion pounds, thanks to her investments in arms, depleted uranium, and Rio Tinto mining operations. And that wealth and the Crown’s Rio Tinto shares totaling four billion pounds are now in the hands of her son Charles, the present British monarch and official head of the Anglican Church of England.

Speaking of dead Indians, Charles Windsor inherited more than piles of loot from his mom. He is personally tied to Elizabeth’s abduction of ten aboriginal children from the Kamloops residential school in October 1964, and to their deaths and that of eyewitness William Combes in February 2011. Breaking News, October 9-10: King Charles linked to the death of Kamloops children and William Combes Witnesses describe murderous rituals in Canada and at Carnarvon Castle – Murder by Decree).

Like Charles, his fellow investors in Rio Tinto kill indigenous people. In Australia, their mining operations deliberately wiped out aboriginal communities and destroyed the oldest archaeological site in the world, despite protests and lawsuits. Throughout Indonesia and China, Rio Tinto poisons indigenous people with jungle defoliants and partners with governments to massacre environmental protesters. Such slaughter has paid off for the company. Last year, Rio Tinto’s joint operations with Chinese mining firms boosted Rio’s stock value by over 20%.

In Canada, Rio has destroyed indigenous lands and homes by its west coast Kemano aluminum mining, and poisoned native families near its Kitimat smelter. It is small wonder that the James Smith Cree band councilors in Saskatchewan have opposed the Rio Tinto diamond mine on their land.

Of course, nobody challenges Rio Tinto easily, not with their friends in London and Beijing.

According to a former company consultant, Rio Tinto routinely hires mercenary contractors to either bribe or kill their opponents. The otherwise inexplicable mass murder of the James Smith Cree bears all the signs of such a corporate death squad operation, including the accompanying distractions and payoffs staged by the British Crown agents Mary Simon, Justin Welby, and Justin Trudeau. The latter’s bribe of $62.5 million to the James Smith Cree chiefs is just the latest in the usual government hush money that conceals such deliberate genocide in Canada.

What is conspicuous and not coincidental is that six of the ten murdered Cree, all surnamed Burns, were direct relatives of Chief Wally Burns, who is the chief opponent of the Rio Tinto mining operation. Targeting the family of oppositionists is a common practice in the aboriginal, church, and corporate world, as I and many others know from personal experience.

Of course, murder will always come out, including from the mouths of the very people who do it. Archbishop Justin Welby made a revealing blunder after the Saskatchewan massacre: he publicly begged “forgiveness” from the Cree and “apologized” to them, as if he and his Crown and Church were responsible. But why else would he say that unless he was admitting that they are to blame, thanks to their heavy investments in Rio Tinto and their coverup of the company’s Saskatchewan massacre and previous killings, like that of the ten children in Kamloops? (There’s that number ten again).

After all, Justin Welby is an old hand at masking the mass murder of natives in Canada. According to Anglican Church sources in London and Toronto, during 2011 Welby ordered the destruction of all evidence of Queen Elizabeth’s abduction of ten children from the Kamloops residential school in October 1964, and Charles Windsor’s complicity in their deaths. That included arranging the medical murder of eyewitness William Combes in Vancouver. Welby also personally supervised the destruction of evidence of killings of children and their secret burial at the infamous Mohawk school in Brantford, Ontario, along with Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz and Bishop Bob Bennett. (Mass Graves of Children in Canada – Documented Evidence – Murder by Decree)

At one of our many protests at the churches responsible for the residential school slaughter, William Combes turned to me and pointed to the angry parishioners of Christ Church Anglican Church who were heckling us.

“You can tell these people are guilty,” said William. “Look at how they’re acting!”

If he was alive, William would likely make the same observation of Trudeau, Simon, Welby, and all those who are helping Rio Tinto commit mass murder for money.The real question is not why these massacres are carrying on, but rather when will the rest of us end the sick, criminal system that is responsible.

Welby, Trudeau, and Simon are convicted felons under international law against whom standing arrest and reclamation warrants were issued in 2014 and again in 2022. (Breaking News from the International Common Law Court of Justice, January 15, 2022 (GMT) Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections – Murder by DecreeThe legal means to stop their depredations are in our hands; what is lacking is the will and the courage to enforce these warrants, reclaim the nation, and dismantle Canada’s genocidal regime.

If mass murder is not enough to move us into such action, then nothing can, and the killers of Church, State and Corporatocracy will have won.

You can prevent that starting on January 15, 2023, the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Kanata and of the common law court verdict that convicted Trudeau, Simon, Welby and others of crimes against humanity. Learn more at and .

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