Breaking News from the International Common Law Court of Justice

By Kevin Annett

Breaking News from the International Common Law Court of Justice

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

King Charles’ abdication looms as Court deputizes British police to arrest him as a convicted felon – Crown and Church officials to name more names in return for clemency, as Court authorizes citizens to seize Crown assets  


In the wake of a November 20 court verdict that found him guilty of ordering the murder of Canadian indigenous elder William Combes, Charles Mountbatten-Windsor faces arrest under international law, and new pressure on him to abdicate his throne.

That pressure intensified today when the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) deputized British police to detain and jail Charles as a convicted felon.

In response, crown and church officials convicted with Charles have offered to name others involved in their criminal conspiracy in exchange for clemency from the Court.

Sources indicate that one of those making the offer is Charles’ chief security advisor, Major Johnny Thompson, who executed his kill order against William Combes in February 2011. Along with Charles, Thompson was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole by a common law court on November 20. (Summary Judgement of the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice, November 20, 2023 – Murder by Decree)  

These remarkable events have sparked a renewed effort by British royals to force Charles Windsor to abdicate to avoid a political crisis that could threaten the monarchy itself. According to a source in London,

“People are calling Charles Windsor ‘Britain’s Ratzinger’, after the pope whose child sex scandals nearly brought down the Vatican and who had to resign to save the institution and protect other perpetrators. The Jimmy Saville connection was bad enough. Now Charles Windsor has proven blood on his hands, and that blood doesn’t stop at just one Canadian Indian.”

More evidence submitted to the ICLCJ links Charles Windsor and Major Thompson to last year’s murder of ten Cree indigenous people in Saskatchewan in league with the Crown-affiliated Rio Tinto mining company. (Mass murder, coverup, and payoffs: Following the Big Money behind the Cree Nation massacre – Murder by Decree)

Meanwhile, the ICLCJ has authorized citizens of all Commonwealth nations to invoke Section 61 of Magna Carta and seize Crown lands, wealth, and properties because of these criminal offenses by Charles Mountbatten-Windsor. According to Kevin Annett, a co-convener of the sovereign Republic of Kanata,

“Common law and constitutional history are clear: when a monarch violates the rights and lives of the people and is convicted of criminality, crown authority is nullified and can be lawfully overthrown.” (See the attached Public Notice from the Republic)

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Issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice on December 5, 2023

The convicted killers of William Combes and others: Major Johnny Thompson (left) and Charles Mountbatten-Windsor

William Combes and his epitaph at the William Combes Memorial Park, Vancouver

A Public Notice from the sovereign Republic of Kanata: December 5, 2023 

(including an update on the falsely imprisoned activist Owen Lucas)

Charles Windsor is only one of forty-two convicted felons who on November 20 were found guilty of the murder of six people, of child trafficking, and of a monstrous criminal conspiracy to conceal and perpetrate genocide.

 Besides top officials like former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Jorge Bergoglio (so-called ‘Pope Francis’), these killers include a network of clergy, police, and politicians who traffic and murder children in a secret west coast cult known as the Twelve Mile Club.

According to the uncontested facts established by law by the Court, these men include Catholic Archbishop Michael Miller, former BC Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh and government minister Ed John, RCMP Inspector Peter Montague, and United Church officials and clergy Gary Paterson, Brian Thorpe, Jon Jessiman, Phil Spencer, Foster Freed, and John Cashore.

Together, these felons planned and committed the murder of Harriett Nahanee, William Combes, and Johnny ‘Bingo’ Dawson in Vancouver, and Mark Angus, Krista Lynn, and John Sargent in Port Alberni.  The six of them were killed after they and Kevin Annett uncovered the murderous Twelve Mile Club and the massacre of over 60,000 Indian residential school children from which today’s crimes have sprung. And the same criminals who killed these six people destroyed Kevin’s life and continue to target him in what the RCMP has described as one of the biggest covert black operations against one Canadian in their history.

These criminals have been found guilty and sentenced by the International Common Law Court of Justice to jail terms without parole ranging from ten years to life imprisonment. The Court has deputized the police and the public in Canada and England to enforce this verdict and seize the criminals and their assets. Accordingly, our Republic is holding training sessions to equip people to enforce the Court’s verdict and put these criminals away.

Our arrests of Charles Windsor and his criminal accomplices are part of a wider Banishment and Reclamation movement launched by nine indigenous nations across Kanata. That movement is seizing the lands, buildings, and wealth of the Crown and its partners in genocide: the Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada. In this manner, patriots are taking back our nation and wiping away the murderous legacy of genocide that has birthed the present corporate tyranny.

As part of this campaign, our Republic and its indigenous allies will be holding direct actions in the genocidal churches commencing Sunday, December 24. This is the anniversary of the murder of Maisie Shaw at the United Church’s Alberni Indian ‘school’, whose exposure by murdered eyewitness Harriett Nahanee and Kevin Annett launched the campaign in December 1995. Twenty-eight years later, the struggle for justice for the living and the dead continues.

To join this campaign write to and see and .

Vicky Stewart, age nine, murdered by supervisor Ann Knizky at the United Church’s Edmonton ‘Indian residential school’, April 14, 1958

The first Aboriginal Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 15, 2005, Vancouver: Murdered eyewitnesses to genocide are (left to right, circled in red) Ricky Lavallee, Johnny ‘Bingo’ Dawson, and William Combes

Eyewitness Harriett Nahanee under illegal arrest soon before her murder in Surrey Remand prison, February 2007


An Update on our falsely imprisoned brother Owen Lucas

For over a month, Owen Lucas, a member of our Republic Alliance movement, has been incarcerated without charges in Swansea prison in Wales after being illegally arrested by British police. Buckingham Palace sources have revealed that Owen’s arrest was ordered by ‘King’ Charles Mountbatten-Windsor after Owen began to publicize the evidence of the criminal indictment issued against Windsor by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) last September.

According to sources at Swansea prison, Owen was slated to be incarcerated indefinitely under the so-called Fixated Threat statutes, which criminalizes public critics of the British Crown. However, within two days of the November 20 ICLCJ verdict that sentenced Charles Windsor to life imprisonment, an administrative tribunal ordered Owen to be released within fourteen days. This sudden reversal was the result of a back-channel communication issued by the ICLCJ to Windsor demanding Owen Lucas’ unconditional release from prison.

Our Republic and its international affiliates welcome these actions by the ICLCJ and welcome Owen Lucas back into our ranks. Once again the power of direct action by means of the common law has proven mightier than the fraudulent criminal regime calling itself the Crown of England.