Month: June 2020

By Kevin Annett

Proclamation of Independence to Establish a Republic in Canada

Issued on July 15, 2020, based on the Proclamation of Kanata on January 15, 2015 All men and women are created equal and sovereign. They are endowed by nature with an unalienable liberty to govern themselves free of oppression, violence, and tyranny. When any system of government is destructive to this condition, it is the inborn…
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June 26, 2020 0

Justin Trudeau and the Vanishing Murder Weapon, Act Two: Tragedy becomes Farce in Canada’s Classrooms

By Kevin D. Annett Like any country caught in genocide but with a particularly odious self-exculpation, Canada has consistently buried the truth of its crime, constructed a false narrative of its past, and silenced witnesses and survivors of its murderous Indian residential school system. Its churches have been no less duplicitous and bear the same…
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June 10, 2020 0

Reclaim Canada for Liberty on July the 1st! A Message from the Republic of Kanata

Reclaim Canada for Liberty on July 1! A Message from the Republic of Kanata A year ago today Justin Trudeau publicly admitted to genocide. But his criminal regime continues. The present genocidal police state can only be fought by replacing it with a free self-governing Republic. Kevin Annett of the Republic of Kanata calls on…
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June 4, 2020 0