Month: April 2021

By Kevin Annett

An attack on the best of us is aimed at our hearts! A Global Appeal to Defend Kevin Annett

Issued by his friends and co-workers with The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State and the Republic of Kanata One of the world’s most outstanding and courageous men is facing arrest and confinement in Canada. Reverend Kevin Annett, a sterling fighter for human rights and famed whistleblower, was issued a fraudulent COVID isolation…
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April 13, 2021 0

Public Statement and Media Advisory of Kevin Annett regarding his forcible confinement and targeting by the Government of Canada Issued April 5, 2021 within the jurisdiction of the sovereign Republic of Kanata Last Friday, April 2, I received from the Government of Canada an Emergency Order to Isolate. This Order falsely claimed that I had recently returned to Canada from another country and therefore had to immediately self-isolate or face six months in jail. I state categorically that I did not leave Canada recently and that…
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April 6, 2021 0

Breaking News and Urgent Action Summons – Saturday, April 3, 2021 -Canadian opposition leader ordered to quarantine on the eve of indicting the government – Kevin Annett faces long-term imprisonment without cause by his antagonist COVID Czar Bill Blair – International Community to adopt Annett as Prisoner of Conscience

Vancouver: One of the Canadian government’s most persistent critics and a prime mover behind a Grand Jury investigation into state criminality has been ordered to quarantine without cause by the Ministry of his chief antagonist. Kevin Annett, a famed whistleblower on Genocide in Canada and a leader of the fledgling Republic of Kanata, was issued…
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April 4, 2021 0