You are the Republic: A Guide for New Citizens Issued by the National Council of the Republic of Kanata September 15, 2020

By Kevin Annett

You are the Republic: A Guide for New Citizens Issued by the National Council of the Republic of Kanata September 15, 2020

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The Flag of Kanata, adopted in Assembly in Winnipeg on January 15, 2015, symbolizes the spirit of our Nation. The three stars represent our original Indigenous, English, and French founding peoples. The blue borders signify the original Two Row Wampum Treaty signed by all of them that established equality and peace and guaranteed that the land would be shared in common.

The people are sovereign, not a monarch. We cannot babble about freedom with a yoke around our necks. If we are ever to establish responsible government for all the people, we must set aside tyranny and Rule by Decree and establish true self-governance. That will be achieved not with well-hewn words but with passion and right action.  – William Lyon MacKenzie, Upper Canada, September 1837, on the eve of the Rebellion

Welcome! You have taken the first step towards liberty by choosing citizenship in the Republic of Kanata. By doing so, you have joined many fellow patriots who share a common vision of a nation of free and equal people. Our job is to turn that dream into a reality. How? By reclaiming our country at the grassroots through our own Republican Assemblies and Common Law Courts. That is our answer to the present global police state.

Step One: The Decision

Everything begins with your choice to step out of the criminal, corrupt system called the Dominion of Canada. That is what you do when you become a citizen of the Republic by taking this pledge:

I, (your name), hereby sever all allegiance to the Monarch and Crown of England and the government of the Dominion of Canada. I solemnly pledge my Citizenship to the Republic of Kanata and to its Laws and its Constitution. I pledge to actively establish and defend the Republic and to stand in solidarity with and defend all those who take this Pledge. I make this Pledge freely, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, according to my honor and liberty as a sovereign, free born man or woman. 

After signing and dating that Pledge, you are then issued a Republic of Kanata Citizenship Card that reads as follow:

The bearer of this card (your name) is a duly sworn citizen of the Republic of Kanata. He or she is entitled to all the liberties of a sovereign Citizen of the Republic according to its Laws and Constitution and stands within its protective national jurisdiction. 

What that means is that you are no longer under the authority of Canada or its Parliament, courts, and laws.  You are a citizen of a separate Nation, and you have the protection of the Republic and of International Law.

Here is what you gain by becoming a Citizen of the Republic:

The protection given by the Laws, Courts, Assemblies and Sheriffs of Kanata

–      The right to govern yourself by passing and enforcing the laws that affect you

–      Freedom from income tax and debts, which are cancelled in the Republic

–      The right to vote and run for any public office and attend the first Congress of the Republic as a delegate from your local Assembly

–      The power to lawfully arrest convicted or suspected criminals and to reclaim the lands, properties, and assets of criminal powers like the British “Crown”

–      The unrestricted right to free public transport, health care and compensation claimed under the Common Law Right of Reparations owed to the people by convicted genocidal regimes like Canada and the “Crown”

In turn, here are your responsibilities as a Republic citizen:

 To abide by the Laws and Constitution of the Republic, your Pledge of Citizenship, and any Oath of Public Office you take

–      To defend and uphold the liberties of your fellow Citizens

–      To join or help form a local Republican Assembly and regularly participate in it

–      To receive training as an officer of the Republic, such as a Sheriff or Convener

–      To regularly contribute financially to the Republic and its projects and campaigns

Step Two: Building the Republic

Becoming a citizen of a Republic is a serious choice. It means that you are responsible for governing not only yourself but the nation. You now have the power and freedom to take back our country and its wealth by making the laws, enforcing them, and policing them. And that begins in your own community, in this progression: first, in your role as an individual Citizen; then with two other recruits as a member of a Republic Cell Group; then with four such Cell Groups that form a local Republican Assembly; and finally as a delegate to a District Assembly and a National Congress. Through this natural evolution, we are building the Republic of Kanata from the grassroots according to the Will of the People, thus:

1.    As a Citizen at Large: Once you have pledged your Citizenship, it is essential that you educate yourself and your family and friends about the Republic, its vision, and its program. You begin by studying our website and our book Establishing Liberty: The Case for Kanata ( Copies of this book and other material will be provided to you by the nearest Republican Convener or Assembly. You and your neighbors should also listen every Sunday to the Voice of the Republic on our blog radio show Here We Stand at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern on .

You will not be doing this alone. Soon after you become a Citizen, a Convener will work with you to hold an invitation-only meeting in your community to solidify your and others’ knowledge of our beliefs and aims. Plan to organize such a meeting soon.

Remember: Your aim is to not only educate people about our Nation but to create a local public presence for the Republic by sharing our flyers and other material. That includes recruiting others as Citizens and forming them into Republican Cell Groups of three people. These Cells are the real powerhouses of the Republic because they move people from theory to action.

2.    In Republican Cell GroupsThere is security and strength in numbers, especially when you are starting something new. So as soon as you can, recruit two other reliable people who are seriously committed to the Republic, and with them form a local Republican Cell Group. We find that it is easier to take action with your backs covered in a three-person Cell. A big organization can be (and is) infiltrated and disrupted by our enemies, but a Cell Group is much more tightly knit and secure.

In the Cell Group, the three of you should meet regularly, at least once a week, in the security of someone’s home. Your job is to discuss how to build the Republic in your community by planning and engaging in public actions to recruit other people and organize them into Cell Groups. You also give each other mutual support, plan specific public campaigns, strategize and learn together, and keep your spirits up.

Eventually, once you have formed a total of four Cell Groups you can unite them to create a local Republican Assembly of at least twelve Citizens who, by signing a Charter, establish a Legislature and a Court that debates, passes and enforces laws.

3.   In a local Republican Assembly: People may long for liberty in their hearts and minds, but they learn how to govern themselves in their own Public Assemblies. Individual resistance goes only so far. The Assemblies are where entire communities declare their independence from a criminal “Crown” system and create the building blocks of the Republic. As a Citizen of the Republic it is your personal responsibility to create and actively participate in a local Assembly as a Convener, a Sheriff, or a staff position. Your pledge as a Citizen gives you the liberties of the Republic but also the duty to build and defend it. That is how the Republic and its Congress will arise.

4.    In District Assemblies and a National Congress: Our ultimate aim is to reclaim our country for all the people through a national Constitutional government and an accountable Congress. To make sure that power stays in the hands of the people, local delegates from the Republican Assemblies will establish District Assemblies and eventually a national Congress. The highest law of this Republic will be a Constitution drafted and passed by the people through their local and district Assemblies. The government will be overseen by these grassroots Assemblies and by an independent judiciary elected by the people. Any Republic citizen can serve at any level of the government and courts through free and open elections.

None of this evolution can happen without first equipping new citizens with the knowledge of what they are building and fighting for. For that reason, the Republic organizes regular weekend-long Citizenship Schools for new members that teach them the history, vision, and principles of our Republic. Attendance at such Schools is mandatory for all new citizens.

We want every Citizen to be armed with the knowledge and skills to build the Republic from the ground up. Some of that can be taught, but our best teacher is our own experience. Yet that experience varies a lot among us.

Some of us are naturally more committed and courageous than others and tend to lead the rest by their example. It is that core of natural leaders who we equip to be the Conveners, the Sheriffs, and the other front-line commanders of the Republic. We do that through a higher-level training program at a Republic Academy. This program usually lasts an entire week with additional specialized training for Sheriffs and National Council candidates.

Step Three: Defending and Consolidating the Republic

The old system is not going to lie down and tamely surrender to us. The more that We the People take back our power and the wealth of the nation, the greater will be the push back by the clique of billionaires and their puppet politicians who run Canada. But we have the great advantage of numbers and the moral and lawful high ground. We must always appeal to the hearts and minds of the police, the army and the civil servants and call on them to switch their allegiance to our constitutional Republic.

That said, we begin by organizing our own security and defense. That starts in the local Assemblies and is the job of everyone, but it is organized by our Republican Sheriffs and their Deputies. The Sheriff’s job is to equip all citizens to defend the Republic by organizing them into a Defense Militia with which the people protect themselves, their Assemblies, and their communities. If we cannot defend one another, we will not be able to do anything.

With that in mind, our best defense is a good offense. Our aim is to reclaim the wealth and power of our country directly and lawfully. Our Assemblies and the wider Republic will achieve that by seizing the lands, properties and assets of all “Crown” authorities, as we are entitled to do under Section 61 of the Magna Carta, a document that is the bedrock of our Common Law. Republic court orders allowing such Reclamations will be enforced by our Sheriffs and Militia. They will also arrest convicted war criminals, enemies of the Republic and agents of the genocidal Canadian regime.

Along with these steps, the most reliable way we will consolidate our Republic of Kanata will be by establishing our own new institutions alongside and separate from the old, crumbling system. We are creating a system of “dual power” by establishing our Republican Courts of Law, Assemblies, Schools, and Militias. Eventually our Republican institutions will replace the status quo as the embodiment of our grassroots, direct democracy.

Getting Started with our Eyes on the Prize

We have given you a path to follow. Now the rest is up to you. Our goal is the establishment of something never known in Canada: a free, self-governing Republic where equality and liberty are in the air we breathe and not limited to nice ideas. If we do not take that step our children will pay the price. Whether or not that happens depends on you, and all of us.

Become a citizen of the Republic today, form a local Cell Group and start acting. Take your own initiatives. Keep us informed but be creative and daring in confronting the wrongs and raising up our alternatives. Your best ally is your own virtue, determination, and constancy.

Be strong and take great hope! We have a country to win back!

“It is not necessary for a majority to prevail against tyranny, but only a committed minority who are resolved to ignite brushfires of freedom in the minds of men and women.”  – Samuel Adams, 1776

Issued on September 15, 2020 by the National Council of the Republic of Kanata

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