Why are Catholic churches being trashed? Kevin Annett replies to the Vancouver Police Department – and points to upcoming reclamation actions

By Kevin Annett

Why are Catholic churches being trashed? Kevin Annett replies to the Vancouver Police Department – and points to upcoming reclamation actions

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Why are Catholic churches being trashed? A reply to the Vancouver Police by Kevin Annett

Hello Mr Annett,

I am a Detective with the Vancouver Police Department, and my partner and I have been assigned to look into some of the more recent incidents in the city of Vancouver that relate to the vandalism towards Catholic Churches and ongoing protests from the heightened tension in society today.

I noted in my reading online that you have a background in understanding the residential school history in the Province and the role of the Catholic Church. I was hoping that you may have time to sit down with my partner and I, or to discuss over the phone if you prefer, some of you thoughts on the tensions currently existing, and your perspective on them. Our goal is to promote public safety, and of course any understanding helps us to do that.

I hope to hear from you!

Mike Scoretz

Desk: 604-717-9948


Investigation Division

3585 Graveley Street

Vancouver BC

V5K 5J5

REPLY from Kevin Annett

Dear Michael and Alen,

Hello to you both and thank you for writing.

I would be happy to speak to you about the social tensions and conflict caused by unpunished crimes committed by the Roman Catholic church, including its standing policy known as Crimen Sollicitationas that requires that Catholics not report in-house child abuse to the police and help cover it up. That criminal conspiracy has helped caused the death of tens of thousands of native children in the misnamed “Indian residential schools” and intergenerational trauma, suicide and misery. And the failure of the government, the courts, and police to hold the Catholic church accountable under the law has created the outrage and frustration that leads to broken church windows and what you call “vandalism”.

Considering that the Catholic church is actively subverting the law by withholding from your police force evidence of child abuse in its Vancouver churches, many people are wondering why neither the courts nor your Department are taking action to stop such criminality by the church. Instead, your main concern appears to be protecting their property. I am sure that neither of you wish to appear to collude with criminality, no matter who commits it.
Over the years, we have provided to the police and media considerable evidence of child trafficking networks being operated in Vancouver and at such locations as Holy Rosary Cathedral and the Vancouver Club. And yet the police have time and again done nothing about it. Such a tacit collusion with a criminal conspiracy to protect child rapists may account for the frustration felt by people victimized by that church that leads to attacks against church property. But surely the systematic violation and taking of children’s lives by that church is as serious and much worse a crime than the breaking of church windows.

Under international law, the Roman Catholic church is considered a Transnational Criminal Organization (TNCO) because of its proven record of laundering drug cartel money, child torture and trafficking, arms dealing, and centuries of deliberate genocide. Under the United Nations Convention on TNCO’s (2000), such a criminal body has lost its right to its own property and assets, which can be lawfully seized, including by citizens if the police and courts refuse to act. And so what you may consider vandalism against the Catholic church and the seizure of its buildings by indigenous people is actually prescribed by the requirements of international law. 

During December, indigenous elders and I are holding a series of public forums and actions that will hold the Catholic church accountable for its many crimes. As part of that effort I will be addressing the matter raised in your letter, including on my upcoming global blog radio program this Sunday. I welcome you or other representatives of the Vancouver Police Department to speak with me live on that program concerning why people feel the need to resort to vandalism when they are denied justice; and what steps the Vancouver police will take now to investigate and prosecute crimes committed by the Roman Catholic church in our city. 

I look forward to your reply.
Rev. Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.Canadian Field Secretary of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)www.murderbydecree.com
cc: public media , ITCCS head office

Stand by for more reports on the upcoming Week of Action to Disestablish the Catholic church, December 18-24, 2021

Kevin Annett and residential school survivors at Christ Church Anglican, Vancouver, 2009