King Charles ordered Cree murders to safeguard his investments: But new evidence derails cover up

By Kevin Annett

King Charles ordered Cree murders to safeguard his investments: But new evidence derails cover up

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by Kevin Annett for the Republic News Network (RNN)

Murdered by Rio Tinto and the British monarchy: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns and Bonnie Goodvoice-Burns. Bottom row (left to right): Lana Head, Christian Head, Robert Sanderson, Wesley Petterson and Earl Burns Sr. 

Dateline: September 2022 to now

Location: The James Smith Cree Reservation near Melfort, Saskatchewan

Once upon a time just two years ago, billions of dollars of diamonds were discovered under the homes of some Cree Indians in central Canada. But for some reason, the Cree didn’t want their land torn apart by the Rio Tinto Mining Company. So, their chiefs told Rio Tinto to kiss their collective brown ass.

At least, they did at first. Then suddenly the Cree chiefs found themselves the recipients of oodles of cash, new cars, and first-class luxury trips to Las Vegas and Hawaii, courtesy of the Rio Tinto Mining Company and its shareholders in the British Crown.

Naturally, the Cree chiefs saw the light after that and said yes to the destruction of their land. All of them, that is, except one. Chief Wally Burns still said no.

Well, the next thing Wally knew, six of his local Burns relatives were murdered in one night, along with four other Cree. And then Wally dutifully fell in line with the other chiefs and withdrew his opposition to the mining. He was rewarded with a higher position in the local band council.

But then, some even stranger things started happening there, at the James Smith Cree Reservation.

The three top Crown officials – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Governor-General Mary Simon, and Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby – quickly showed up at the obscure reservation. After dispensing the standard crocodile tears to the bereaved families of the victims, the three of them doled out even more money to the chiefs: over $43 million. And the next day, lo and behold! Some atypically efficient redcoats announced they had caught the killer of the ten dead Cree Indians: a lone drifter and cocaine addict in poor health named Myles Sanderson.

Before anyone could say “payoffs and coverup”, Myles quickly and conveniently died while in RCMP custody, like a latter-day Lee Harvey Oswald. And guess what? So did his alleged accomplice, his brother Damien, who was found dead in a field the next day.

This was a Super Assassin? Myles Sanderson

C’est la absurde, n’est-ce pas? But it gets even worse, boys and girls. For guess who arrived next at the James Smith reservation? The one and only Clive Weighill: the notorious ex-police chief of Saskatoon who for years concealed the routine murder of Cree Indians by his city cops. But now Clive wore a new hat: that of the Crown Coroner, summoned to “investigate” the deaths of more murdered Cree. You can guess what happened next.

With the banal predictability of yet another state-managed whitewash in which Canada excels, Clive and his Mountie buddies soon declared Myles Sanderson to be the lone killer. But they didn’t bother to explain his motives or how he adeptly entered seven separate homes in one night and murdered ten people while in a sickly condition and armed only with a knife. They also claimed that Myles had wounded eighteen other Cree people with the same knife!

Not bad for a feeble cocaine addict, eh?

To back up this absurd, unproven scenario, Mr. Weighill quickly convened a handpicked Coroner’s Jury, illegally stacked with only the “right kind” of natives: local band councilors and their friends, all of them on the government payroll. Naturally, the jury’s pre-arranged verdict rubber-stamped the fairytale issued by Clive Weighill and his Mountie minions.

The so-called Canadian “media” lapped up and regurgitated all this garbage and castigated the deceased Myles Sanderson as a heinous “mass murderer”, even though that had never been proven in a court of law. As with the Indian residential schools genocide, none of the reporters bothered to ask any obvious questions: like why Trudeau, Simon and Welby and their Rio Tinto business associates doled out millions of bucks to the local chiefs, or why a media blackout was imposed on everything right after Clive Weighill’s farcical pronouncement and jury stacking.

Things went quiet after that for over a year, as the corporate wheels turned behind the expensive government smokescreen. To distance itself from its odious actions, Rio Tinto handed over its James Smith project to one of its affiliates, Star Diamond, which is closely linked with Chinese investors. Star Diamond then announced it would commence mining by March 2024 at the James Smith site, calling it “the world’s largest undeveloped diamond mine.”

And so, right on cue, early in January 2024 the feds and RCMP began stage-managed “public hearings” into the James Smith massacre to make it seem that everything was above board, like they did with equal duplicity in their infamous “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” that exonerated and de-criminalized the church-led genocide of over 60,000 indigenous children.

Finally, during that same month of January 2024, the Coroner and Killer Cop, Clive Weighill, announced his official retirement. Out of sight, out of mind.

Clive “Fog and Night” Weighill

But truth finds a way to seep through the cracks of the most thorough criminal conspiracy – even in Canada. During 2023, evidence surfaced that King Charles was implicated in the James Smith Cree murders: a revelation that has sparked his likely abdication behind an official cover story that he’s sick with cancer.

He is a sick man, alright, but not because of cancer. For Charles Mountbatten-Windsor likes to order the killing of Canadian Indians: especially those who threaten his Rio Tinto business interests and the image of his family.

Just ask Major Johnny Thompson, Charles’ top security advisor, who recently started spilling the beans about his boss to his colleagues. Last fall, one of them gave his testimony to a citizen’s tribunal in Vancouver, the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice. The court was convened on September 20, 2023 to investigate the murder of native activists in our movement to expose and prosecute Christian Canada’s homegrown genocide.

One of those activists, my friend William Combes, was killed in St. Paul’s Hospital on February 26, 2011 soon after he went public with his eyewitness account of Queen Elizabeth’s abduction of ten children from the infamous Kamloops Catholic Indian school death camp in October 1964.

According to the affidavit of Major Thompson’s colleague, a veteran member of the British monarchy’s security force,

“In late December of 2010, I participated in a special operations meeting in Buckinghamshire. This meeting was called by Major Johnny Thompson, the King’s chief security advisor. Major Thompson told us he was appearing on behalf of Prince Charles, who had ordered him to arrange the elimination of a foreign assassin threatening the royal family. I was surprised when the target was a Canadian Red Indian, since normally the RCMP have jurisdiction over such operations.  When I raised this with Major Thompson, he said, The Mounties will handle this one on the ground. We’re just setting the wheels in motion.’

“I learned later that in early February 2011, Canada’s RCMP Commissioner, a Mr. Elliott, dispatched operatives to Vancouver to deal with the target in accordance with Prince Charles’ order. I also learned that the Indian they eliminated was a Mr. William Combes, who as a homeless man seemed to me to be an unlikely terrorist.

“The whole affair troubled Major Thompson, who began to confide to us other disturbing actions by Prince Charles. Later, when we read Mr. Combes’ statement about his witnessing of the Queen’s abduction of ten Indian children who vanished forever, some of us began to question our allegiances.” (1)

After this revelation was made public in the Court’s November 20 verdict that found Charles and others guilty of colluding in Crimes against Humanity, another source in England came forward with new evidence. It indicated that Charles had arranged the James Smith Cree killings in September 2022 to safeguard the Rio Tinto-Star Diamond operation in which Charles has personal investments. 

“Do rid me of this pesky Indian, will you, Major?” (Johnny Thompson and Charles) and their victim, William Combes (below)

Not coincidentally, the Cree killings took place just four days before Queen Elizabeth died and Charles assumed the throne, inheriting Elizabeth’s sizeable personal fortune in Rio Tinto. Clearly, Charles wanted to safeguard that largesse.

And he did so with the help of the Church of England in the person of its top cleric, Justin Welby, who had quickly appeared at the scene of the Saskatchewan crime. That’s the same Welby who was convicted by a common law court in 2014 of arranging the destruction of documents and children’s graves at his church’s deadly Mohawk ‘Indian residential school’ in Brantford, Ontario. (2)

In a repeat performance, Archbishop Welby disposed of the remains of the murdered Cree Indians by having them buried in the local Anglican cemetery, locked away from any honest forensic examiners. Apparently, Welby was also the bagman of the forty-three-million-dollar payoff to the James Smith chiefs.

Justin Welby and (below) the bone of a five-year-old female victim of his Anglican church, Brantford

The James Smith Cree massacre is yet another Canadian tragedy become farce. When criminality is official and enthroned at the highest level of society, it makes no effort to conceal itself.

Even though this latest abomination in Saskatchewan is nothing new here in the Great White North, its actors have exhibited a desperation and clumsiness that reveals a deeper crisis. Royal rats are deserting the floundering ship called the British Crown as more insiders are breaking ranks and revealing new damning evidence against Charles and his family.

As much as the other claimants to the imaginary British throne are exploiting Charles’ woes for their own advantage, all the King’s Horses will not put together their pieces again now that a majority of Canadians when polled want an end to their link to the monarchy. Many of those patriots are gathering this summer at a Constitutional Convention to lay the basis for a sovereign Republic in Canada, free of its legacy of genocide, tyranny, and corruption.

As in early 2013, when one of our common law courts toppled a papal monarch named Benedict and exposed more of the crimes of the Vatican, the deaths of the innocent are adding fuel to a growing fire. Let us fan those flames and finally put an end to the blood-soaked abominations of Big Money, Church and State.

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