Annett’s Commentary A Muckraking Column of Free Inquiry Published semi-regularly without copyright or illusions by Kevin Annett issue No. 7: May 4, 2022

By Kevin Annett

Annett’s Commentary A Muckraking Column of Free Inquiry Published semi-regularly without copyright or illusions by Kevin Annett issue No. 7: May 4, 2022

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Annett’s Commentary

A Muckraking Column of Free Inquiry

Published semi-regularly without copyright or illusions by Kevin Annett

Issue No. 7: May 4, 2022

On Russian Boogey Men, Puppet Prime Ministers, and Body Counts in B.C. : More than meets the eye

Orwellian Wars, Mind Controlled Prime Ministers, and Missing Children: Annett’s Commentary, May 4

The Second Casualty: What’s up with the Ukraine, anyway?

The Greek playwright Aeschylus wrote that the first casualty of war is truth. Nowadays, the second casualty is enjoyability. Wars just aren’t much fun to watch anymore, because for one thing, they’re too banal and predictable.

Take the Ukraine, for instance. George Orwell predicted that war nearly eighty years ago when he observed in his book 1984 that three rival power blocs would run the world, and would use wars not to conquer one another but to control their own people. And so these days, America (Oceania) and Russia (Eurasia) have come to blows in a staged conflict, to the delight of China (Eastasia). And who couldn’t see that one coming?

Of course, this latest scripted bloodbath does have its other benefits to the boardroom boys. Since that alleged “covid” microbe hasn’t proved convincing enough to keep all those proles in line, there’s nothing like a war to do it, and to cause an even further drop in IQ’s. As a comical case in point, the veterinarians of Chicago recently announced they will provide free care for any Ukrainian (but not Russian) pooch who gets hurt in the punch up. Seriously.

Kafka aside, the Ukrainian debacle might as well have “Made in Bejing” written all over it. The US government sure carries that label. For, besides its habitual fear of the Slav Bear, why would America choose the Russkies as the enemy to fight, when China is by far the greater threat? Beijing is rapidly gobbling up the US economy and debt, and has bought Canada outright in order to grab vast swaths of North America’s resources. So why in God’s name would the US fight Russia at all, unless its leaders in Washington are either nuts, suicidal, or on the Sino payroll?

America’s ruling class is divided and working at cross purposes, which is why it is collapsing. The Democrats are in the China camp while the Republicans are siding with Russia. That split has been engineered by a brilliant Russian and Chinese tag team effort, with a lot of help from Donny Rump and Joe Biding His Time, who are dutifully ripping their country apart. Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin haven’t studied The Art of War for nothing. As Sun Tzu teaches therein, once you divide the strength of your main enemy, you will defeat him in detail. America will be lucky to survive another decade.

I suppose it was inevitable that the Land of the Fee is nearing its demise. The Chinese and Russian oligarchies are a far better host for the global Corporatocracy. Of course, one day that Leviathan will absorb both of those nations, too, after a fractured America has collapsed into civil war and chaos. In the long historical view, Moscow and Beijing are the midwives of a new global society, the OmniCorporation, that will enslave and eradicate humanity as we know it.

Like any war, it’s all about business.

Looking for Justin – On Big T, Mini T, and Me

“All I can say to those bleeding hearts who get nervous at the sight of guns is, go ahead and bleed.” – Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau announcing the War Measures Act, October 1970

“Those protesters are a fringe group who have unacceptable views.” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on truckers opposing COVID measures, February 2022

“This won’t be an election, it’ll be a coup, with the new President a wholly owned subsidiary of Manchurian Global Incorporated.” – Senator Jordan in The Manchurian Candidate

The last thing my uncle and aunt ever expected to see was the Prime Minister of Canada punch his wife unconscious in front of them. It happened at the Chateau Laurier over dinner one night in the spring of 1972.

My uncle George McOuat was a major bagman for Pierre Trudeau back in those days. Along with my aunt Claudette, George was an occasional guest of the PM and his pretty, ornamental wife Margaret. As George tells it, the four of them were chowing down on taxpayer-funded filet mignon just before a federal election when Margaret Trudeau said something about the political scene that Pierre found displeasing. Without a word, Pierre turned and drove his fist into her face. Maggie collapsed unconscious on the floor as the PM calmly returned to his meal.

Being consummate Canadians, neither my Uncle George nor Aunt Claudette objected to the assault. They simply stared aghast at Pierre, who made a joke about something while two plainclothes Mounties dragged Canada’s bleeding and comatose “First Lady” from the lavish Ottawa dining room.

Pierre Trudeau was an arrogant sadist who liked to beat up defenseless people, including his own children. His eldest son Justin inherited his dubious crown as the Prime Minister of Canada, but behind the official façade lurks a frightened and battered boy who was made that way by more than his father’s fists.

I think about this whenever I watch Justin perform. When streams of trucker-protesters poured into Ottawa, JT called them “terrorists” and then quickly vanished from public view. Beaten kids act like that: they can’t stand up to a fight, but instead fling nasty epithets at their adversaries and run away to avoid any blows. At the time, “Mini T” fled into reclusion somewhere on Canada’s west coast, as far from his burly enemies and as close to his Chinese sponsors as possible. But was his relocation to the Pacific region for an even more sinister reason?

To pry open this particular can of worms, one must know two names: Doctor John Seeley, and the Hollywood Hospital in New Westminster, BC, near Vancouver.

John Seeley was a Jesuit-educated American sociologist and child rapist who worked for the CIA in their mind control programs. Seeley was also a friend and frequent house guest of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, where he served as a self-described “personal mentor” to young Justin and his two brothers, Michel and Alexandre, all of whom received a Jesuit education.

The Hollywood Hospital was a notorious center for mind control and LSD research that was run by Canada’s Defense Research Board and the Catholic Church, with considerable CIA funding. John Seeley and the Trudeau children were frequent visitors at the Hollywood Hospital, which bore its name because of the movie celebrities associated with it, including Bob Hope, Cary Grant, and other US government insiders.

However, a less well-known attendee at the Hollywood was Justin’s own mother, Margaret Sinclair-Trudeau. As a child during the 1950’s, she underwent undisclosed chemical and shock “treatments” there. The experiments were run by the notorious Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, which as a division of IG Farben in Nazi Germany, manufactured and tested LSD with the assistance of Dr. Josef Mengele. Sandoz was a predecessor of Novartis and Roche Pharmaceuticals, which are presently implicated in medical genocide and organ trafficking in China and Canada.

Sandoz Pharma prospered in Nazi Germany by using concentration camp inmates as involuntary drug test subjects, like they did before and after World War Two in Canada with Indian ‘residential school’ children. Sandoz also partnered with the CIA in testing LSD on prisoners and patients, and ran many of the experimental programs at the Hollywood Hospital until it closed in 1975.

The ties to Justin T. are even closer. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals is a major shareholder in the same companies administering the “covid” drug to Canadians, thanks to the Trudeau government: Moderna and Pfizer.

Before the closure of the Hollywood Hospital, the handler of the Trudeau sons, Dr. John Seeley, routinely brought all three of them as infants to the hospital, according to a former nurse who now lives in retirement in Kamloops.

“All I know is the Trudeau kids were always kept off by themselves, not with the other children. I heard they had them in the deep sleep room, where they did all the behavior mod work. They would always come and go in secret, and we were told to keep quiet about it.”

If you’ve seen the remake of The Manchurian Candidate, you’ll recall the scene where the programmed, hypnotized Presidential candidate checks into a private clinic to have the nanoprobes in his brain adjusted by a team of surgeons in the pay of big money. It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine Justin Trudeau undergoing such a procedure, or its equivalent, at the hands of Chinese neurologists, during his strange and unexplained flight to the west coast last February. After all, JT’s first action when he was elected was to dutifully remove all restrictions on Chinese investment in Canada, and allow China to station its troops anywhere on our soil.

That’s all treason, of course. But what does that matter to a mind-controlled puppet who people call a Prime Minister?

Meanwhile, back in Kamloops: Unearthing more than little bodies

One year ago this month, the people who buried them announced that they had “discovered” the remains of 215 children at the former Catholic death camp called the “Kamloops Indian residential school”. The contrived media orgy that followed created the impression that the uncovering of mass graves of brown children in Canada was a new thing. But of course, that kind of fogging of history is what spin campaigns and cover ups do.

Mike MacKenzie was in on the spin from early on. He is a former associate of the Tk’emlups band council, that hand puppet of the Canadian government that stage-managed the alleged excavation of the kids’ graves.

Like any local native, Mike knows full well that children’s remains have been turning up on the Kamloops grounds for decades, and were methodically destroyed by the band council and the Catholic church. But he recently came clean about the deeper drama connected to what locals now call the “May 27 fiasco”.

“First thing you’ve got to know is that Kamloops is still a Catholic missionary town. The church runs the band council and the politicians. Our Member of Parliament is a Knight of Columbus named Frank Caputo, and he’s the one who invited the Pope to come and do his apology bullshit. But he had the backing of all the Tk’emlups chiefs, like Manny Jules, Bonnie Leonard, and Roseanne Casimir, all of them loyal Catholics. They all had to cover their asses after somebody on the band council leaked news of the mass grave to the press.”

But more than concealing their church’s body count was responsible for the Tk’emlups band council’s pretense of commencing a dig at the graves. There was big money involved, and the “dig” – which never actually happened – was a distraction, according to Mike.

“Our traditional clan mothers have been fighting the band council for years. They planned to arrest Pope Francis if he came to Kamloops. But they’ve also been trying to get independence from the feds to become economically self-sufficient. We had our own cannabis company ready to go, but the day before we were to announce it, the band council made the announcement of the graves, and all the media was focused on them. Then right after that, our company was sabotaged, and our facilities were burned to the ground.”

Mike insists that it wasn’t just the Tk’emlups puppet chiefs who torched the independent business, but “gangster interests” who are behind the massively profitable cannabis industry on the west coast, whose revenues now exceed $4 billion. And those “gangster interests” include leading Canadian cops and politicians, like former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino, Senator Larry Campbell, and former Prime Minister Paul Martin. Both Campell and Martin are not only big investors in the Chinese underworld’s domination of the BC cannabis industry, but are also linked to the death and disappearance of indigenous women at the infamous “Piggy’s Palace” in Coquitlam. (See my column from October 27, 2021, “Notes on a Remarkably Guilty Politician”.)

“These guys don’t want small-time aboriginal entrepreneurs cutting in on their monopoly,” Mike remarked. “It’s like with the timber and liquid natural gas being pumped out of the province to China. The band council chiefs are all getting in on the action, as partners with the feds and the Chinese. Why do you think so many of our native families keep going missing? The Kamloops kids’ grave was to distract from the graves being filled up right now with the bodies of our people.”

Next issue: More on how west coast puppet Indian chiefs are China’s biggest allies in the robbing of Canadian resources and sovereignty. And stay tuned this Monday, May 9, for an important update from the Republic of Kanata and its affiliated international common law court.